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We organize nice and interesting lessons of typical Tuscan and non-Tuscan cooking, for the whole family. Our chefs can also be requested to prepare tailor-made dinners, to organize parties and special events or to enjoy a magnificent evening, perhaps in the cool of the outdoor tables.

For example, Cuoca Cristina specializes in typical Lucca cuisine and entertains guests with tourist information and curiosities about Lucca during cooking lessons or the preparation of dinners.

Explore the enchanting Wine and Olive Oil Roads of Lucca with Casa Fontanino. We offer a unique experience that combines nature and sports adventures with gastronomic delights. Walk scenic trails through vineyards and olive groves, participate in tastings of fine wines and extra virgin olive oils, and discover the rich culinary culture of Tuscany. Perfect for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and food connoisseurs, our tour lets you experience the beauty and flavors of Lucchesia. Book now for an unforgettable experience.

“Prestigio Toscano” bike center, with certified guides. Possibility of bike rental for fantastic walks and adventures along the Via Francigena, the woods of Monte Carlo, the villages and hills of Lucca and along the beautiful roads of the Valdinievole. Here are some proposals of our bike guides: Montecatini Terme route, Casa Fontanino Montecarlo, Montecatini Terme – The Pescia Valley and the Valdinievole.

David e Katiuscia (guide certificate) vi accompagneranno con tutta la famiglia in percorsi nella natura della colline lucchesi, ricche di scorci e panorami da ricordare. Non perdetevi una visita all’incredibile quercione vecchio 600 anni che si dice ispirò Collodi per la favola di Pinocchio.

“From Leonardo to Pinocchio”, from Vinci to Collodi, Casa Fontanino organizes tours to these iconic locations, showcasing the landmarks of a region renowned for its unparalleled beauty. Explore the historical and cultural gems such as Vinci, Pinocchio and Collodi, Grotta Giusti, Via Francigena, the 10 castles of the Pesciatina Switzerland, Montecatini and Montecatini Alto via the cableway, the villas of Lucca and the road of the camellias, and the wine and oil routes of Lucca, Montecarlo, and Versilia.

Per gli amanti del trekking, del cicloturismo e delle passeggiate esistono numerosi e bellissimi sentieri e piste sulle colline lucchesi, e la nuova e bellissima ciclabile lungo il parco fluviale che collega Lucca al mare.

We organize riding lessons and horseback riding managed by a nearby equestrian center. Possibility of walks along the hills and on the beach.

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